from the star, these are two pictures of different set of emotion of balasubramaniam perumal which under duress and not. pictures can’t lie, as they are not moving. they stay still. look at it and think. use your imagination.

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in chedet’s blog post titled anwar, the former pm of malaysia is also rose a question as to how anwar is not convisted yet. this clearly shows that he (chedet) also believed that anwar has committed sodomy. what the hell tun? are you still “sodomized” by the past? we know that you’re a good person right now but it changed our views today. you are one hypocrite person. it’s you (yes, it’s you TUN) and the rest of bn’s sluts that have personal revenge against anwar. and to make it more real, you talked about the past (the previous case) and still blame him (anwar) so badly. what about us the rakyat? stop this all stupid menteri! we hate every single of you!

what are you thinking stupid? yes, it’s TUN! you are no saint!

the kerajaan, after tarnishing their name and dignity in judicial system and police department, they are not gonna make things worsen. they are not gonna arrest anwar ibrahim within 48 hours. if so (the arrest), the rakyat in PKR will again rise to defend their de facto leader (and their future pm). i hope. on the other hand, pas said that pakatan rakyat will continue forming the government even without anwar. but, i think things will get smoother after this. no one is gonna believe what najib is and was saying, according to the statement of balasubramaniam perumal that will tarnish the najib’s name more.

muhyiddin yassin is the happiest person reading about this. najib is no more his competitor. maybe he’s going to be pm or tpm above anwar. who knows?

although the smile can fake this on every press conferences he attends, only god knows how his heart trembling. on his latest press conference he asked, “why should i be investigated?”. before this he said that he never met that fucking bloody saiful bukhari azlan but now he admitted that the “girl” was meeting him because he’s in trauma. but the question is: who is that boy to meet a tpm? there must a conspiracy. don’t deny it.

i hope najib could quote abdullah’s statement before this. he said that the accuser usually denies he was involved in a certain crime. happy defending najib.

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finally, something’s kickin’. new saviour is comin’ – balasubramaniam perumal! it is said that it was najib who had introduced altantuya to razak baginda.

Najib had also told Baginda that he had sexual intercourse with Altantuya.

Najib asked Baginda to “take care” of Altantuya as he did not want her to harass him since he was now the deputy prime minister.

Wow! There is more…

Najib, Baginda and Altantuya had been in a dinner together in Paris.

Altantuya wanted money from Baginda as she said she was entitled to a 500,000USD commission out of the submarine deal in Paris.

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p/s: please media. this time, do not censor the spesific name of high profile minister mentioned in the press conference.

najib denounces blogger’s claims of mongolian slaying link as ‘garbage’. for me, he’s an ass hole! how could a tpm said that? he’s not even deserve to be a tpm (and pm) in the first place.


they said it. actually, it is all “temberang” (a lie). the sodomy police report against anwar is one of their “cemerlang” action. try to cheat upon rakyat again huh? what a shame.


judging from the way she answers the questions from a reporter, yes she is. how arrogant and “poyo”. she is fit to be najib’s wife. what a match! a scandalious family. i bet their childs are now disappointed with them.

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