anwar is doomed, che det also thinks that he did it


in chedet’s blog post titled anwar, the former pm of malaysia is also rose a question as to how anwar is not convisted yet. this clearly shows that he (chedet) also believed that anwar has committed sodomy. what the hell tun? are you still “sodomized” by the past? we know that you’re a good person right now but it changed our views today. you are one hypocrite person. it’s you (yes, it’s you TUN) and the rest of bn’s sluts that have personal revenge against anwar. and to make it more real, you talked about the past (the previous case) and still blame him (anwar) so badly. what about us the rakyat? stop this all stupid menteri! we hate every single of you!

what are you thinking stupid? yes, it’s TUN! you are no saint!


8 Responses to “anwar is doomed, che det also thinks that he did it”

  1. 1 hj kamarudin abdullah

    dont ask dr mahadir about anuar. negative view. old enemy. ask for islamic view.

  2. yeah, sure he is. old enemy will always find a way to make something that will make their opponents fall. furthermore, we cannot depend on him (tun) anymore. he once a big liar.

  3. 3 mr. loya

    according to our law, mahathir should be sent to jail already (he admitted that he maltreat anwar) but the TUN status what makes us can’t drag him to jail. if it is, we’ll make sure he got his most ‘comfortable’ cell available in the country.

  4. 4 Bengaliputih

    Mahathir the mamak is the biggest hypocrite. Like the Chinese saying, orang pun dia, hantu pun dia. Was’t he the one that anointed Anwar to be the next PM, and then he locked up an innocent man for six years. Just because Anwar was getting more popular than him – Anwar’s only crime. Was’t he the one that made Badawi the prime minister because he retired or jailed all the other good leaders that threathened his position? Now that Badawi is not bowing to his wishes like promote Mahathir’s son, he wants Badawi out of office. Finally wasn’t he the one that went to bed with Samy Vellu for 22 years and now turned around and said Samy is the most racist and incompetent leader? Now – work this out – a real hypocrite.

  5. 5 Bengaliputih

    3 Reasons Why Anwar didn’t do it.
    1) The judges wouldn’t overturn the conviction if he had done in the first place.
    2) Puan Azizah would have known the truth and as a God fearing person would have left her husband.
    3) Anwar himself as a man of dignity and intelligence would not pursue his goal to be the next prime minister if he is a homosexual.

    Actually there is a 4th reason.
    4) Anwar and Malaysia, we were all sodomized by Mahathir the last time.

  6. 6 Halima

    Old habit die hard
    Smoker start smoking at their teen
    And continue until old an thin
    ……….you are shock with disbelieve.

    If you father Tell you God is trinity
    Father ,Son and holy Ghost you believe it

    If your father tell you God is triniti
    Brama Krishna Visnu you Believe

    If some one tell you actually
    Father is Brama and Son is Krishna ,Vishnu Holy Ghost you
    You would say I don t know may be ,why not

    If some one tell you actually
    Brama is Father and Vishnu is Holy Ghost and Krishna is Son
    You would say I don t know may be ,why not

    If some one said God Is one and Ifininity
    Decrible with ninety nine atribute
    You would say…………Ha why so little I thought God is three……….but infinite is much much more than three but three three three three three three

    first make you Chritian
    sendond make you Hindu
    third make you Christian Hindu
    Fourth make you Hindu Chritian
    Fifth make you Muslim
    Six make you sikh……..for Guru nanak fell into trance after the count of three and continue to give wheat to the customer for Ek Do Thee ……..thee understood by Nanak as God.

    No who would you believe which God?
    Actually you believe in what you father teach you!!!
    This is stated by Prophert Muhamad!!!

    So is Anwar……….it is like smoking
    (tapi kerajaan tak tulis baik untuk industri kedoktoran,percukaian,pengurangan penduduk,melegakan rakyat yang suka mengamuk dan bergaduh dan mengurangkan keresahan).

  7. 7 lori

    i think dr m must be very smart to get away with what bad things he had do.
    dr m think his doing cannot be detect god help those being bully by him.

  8. 8 lori

    to think dr m still active in relation to political affair of the country , i salute him but to create unneccessary comments and judgement i must be frank i tumb down his act.

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