coward najib defending himself


although the smile can fake this on every press conferences he attends, only god knows how his heart trembling. on his latest press conference he asked, “why should i be investigated?”. before this he said that he never met that fucking bloody saiful bukhari azlan but now he admitted that the “girl” was meeting him because he’s in trauma. but the question is: who is that boy to meet a tpm? there must a conspiracy. don’t deny it.

i hope najib could quote abdullah’s statement before this. he said that the accuser usually denies he was involved in a certain crime. happy defending najib.

via sloone


One Response to “coward najib defending himself”

  1. 1 Bengaliputih

    I can understand if UMNO agreed to stick to a scum like Najib as the PM in waiting. But what about MCA. MIC , Gerakan, Sabahans and lain lain. Don’t you guys have any conscience at all? Are you guys all blind to the obvious, that a corrupt incompetence vile leader cannot and should not be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. You guys as pliticians and lawmakers of the country better wake up and do something about it before Malaysia become the laughing stock of the world, another Zimbabwe.

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